Wild Rule Breaking Season 2 Finale with Dr Billy Garvey
How Other Dads Dad with Hamish BlakeNovember 23, 2023x
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Wild Rule Breaking Season 2 Finale with Dr Billy Garvey

It’s back! The episode where Hamish tears up the HODD rule book, by going over an hour AND talking to an expert. And not just any expert, but leading behavioural paediatrician at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Dr Billy Garvey. Wild, right? 

In the sequel to his awesome Season 1 Episode, Dr Billy has been beyond generous with his time and has picked some choice moments from Season 2 to unpack with Hame and look at the clinical evidence behind the parenting gut work. And then Billy further builds on this to provide some amazing practical advice for a multitude of different scenarios that we commonly face as parents. 

But here’s the heartening thing, and this has come up time and time again this season… Billy reaffirms that some of the most important things we can do as parents is in fact the simple stuff. Listen to them. Love them. Be led by them. Not always as easy as it sounds in the rough and tumble of daily life, but nonetheless, something simple we can all strive for each and every day. 

Massive thanks to Dr Billy for his generosity. He’s a busy guy (and new father to a second child!!🥂) So to spend so much time applying his wealth of knowledge for our benefit is deeply appreciated. And you can get way more of Billy’s knowhow on his very own podcast called Pop Culture Parenting. Check it out, it’s bloody great! And also @drbillygarvey on insta. 

And that’s Season Two! We’ve had a blast knocking it out… It really is a gift spending time with our guests and soaking up their passion, positivity and wisdom. Huge thanks to them for their generosity, honesty and vulnerability.

Thanks to all you guys for listening every week and for getting in touch with your stories and suggestions. It’s continually amazing to hear how this pod has connected with people, often in the most unexpected ways.

Special thanks to our creative team - Darcy, Tom Cardy and Tey Vandenburg. 

And of course, mostly thanks to all the Mums!! The brains behind most operations, certainly in our respective households! For us, there is no such thing as dadding without you!!

Hopefully we’ll see ya next season! 

Hame and Tim xx 


Huge, big, 12 seater rental van sized thanks to HERTZ, our exclusive sponsor for season 2. Thanks to them we were able to pull this season together and we really appreciate their support. You can also show your support by heading to hertz.com.au/hodd next time you need a rental car. They’ve got a great deal for HODD listeners.

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