How Martin "Rac" Heppell Dads
How Other Dads Dad with Hamish BlakeAugust 31, 2023x
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How Martin "Rac" Heppell Dads

Former teacher and assistant principal, current powerhouse of enthusiasm and expertise, Martin Heppell, or just Rac as he is known to friends, blows Hame away in this episode. Yes, there are some crazy stories, but also some amazing insights that can only be gained from spending thousands of hours helping kids to be their best. Oh, and having 3 kids of his own.

Rac comes to How Other Dads Dad care of The Resilience Project where he is one of the key facilitators, working with thousands of kids every year. He has also appeared on the wonderful podcast, The Imperfects, and it was Imperfects Co-Host Hugh van Cuylenburg who said to Hame - “You gotta get Rac on HODD!”

Thank goodness we did. Apart from some wild tales about growing up in Borneo that taught Rac some lifelong lessons, he chats about building trust with our kids in order to foster a super robust connection, which hopefully means when times get tricky they can tell you anything and everything. He also talks really practically about kids pushing through difficult moments, and how as a parent you can support them through this. It’s practical. It’s informed. It’s bloody useful stuff and Rac delivers it all with such humility and honesty. And he finishes with one of the all time great dadding stories!

Thanks to Rac for wearing his heart on his sleeve, sharing his wisdom and sacrificing all dignity for a good story!

You can hear more of Rac HERE on The Imperfects.

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