How Beau Miles Dads
How Other Dads Dad with Hamish BlakeOctober 05, 2023x
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How Beau Miles Dads

Adventurer, filmmaker, outdoor education specialist, dad… Beau Miles has got lots of cool descriptors. He’s also infectiously positive and creative, and he put all these things to amazing use in this very different, very outdoorsy and very wet episode.

Exactly 345 km from their respective houses, on a little island in the middle of a giant hydro lake somewhere in the snowy mountains, Hamish and Beau recorded this episode while doing some pretty unique memory making with their kids. Having trekked all day to meet each other, with kids in tow and lugging a lot of gear - they chat about risk taking, learning on the job and about trying to do better as dads. And throughout the chat, it rains. Heaps!

Very excitedly, you can find Beau’s wonderful film about this adventure on his youtube page HERE.

Beau is super honest about all the dadding stuff he’s yet to figure out, but also has many words of wisdom from his time as an outdoor education specialist (which he has a PhD in) working with impressionable kids and young adults. On some of his more audacious adventures he’s also spent many a day on his own, thinking… which we reckon has given him a bit of extra clarity that we can all take something from.

For all things Beau, including films, live shows and books, head to - Big thanks to Beau, Mitch and Jodi for making the adventure happen, which was recorded on the beautiful mountain lands of the Ngarigo people.


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