How Ben Crowe Dads
How Other Dads Dad with Hamish BlakeNovember 16, 2023x
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How Ben Crowe Dads

Mindset coach to some of the world’s finest athletes, Ben Crowe reflects on his dadding journey so far. Given Ben is used to helping other people discover their story rather than delving into and analysing his own, we are really grateful to him for his openness and honesty, in what was a fascinating chat with Hame. 

Ben is the first to admit, like all of us, he’s continually making mistakes as a parent, and that putting all his professional knowledge into practice as a dad is far easier said than done. However, as someone who can expertly distil simple lessons from complex philosophies, Ben has some amazing insights to offer and some beautifully accessible and practical advice that we can all take something from. 

And these days Ben isn’t just helping people win Wimbledon… anyone can rediscover their mojo via his app, aptly called Mojo. Check it out!

Big thanks to Ben for chatting with us. He’s an in-demand guy, so we really appreciate his time and wisdom.

This is the penultimate episode for Season 2 - and for our wild rule breaking finale we are lucky enough to have back behavioural paediatrician, Dr. Billy Garvey, who will be revisiting some previous episodes with his expert eye, or rather ear… and brain. It’s the cheat sheet ep! Don’t miss it.

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