How Russel Howcroft Dads
How Other Dads Dad with Hamish BlakeNovember 02, 2023x
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How Russel Howcroft Dads

Russel Howcroft has been talking to Australians about how they are sold things for years on the much loved TV show Gruen - Now he lets us in on the secret of how he sells things to his kids! (Hint: like any good client pitch, it’s more guiding, less telling

In a free ranging chat that follows the whims of Russ’s very active mind, he explores with Hame how his own upbringing influences the choices he now makes as a father, how he has actively fostered creativity in his kids, and why it can be scary to do so. He explains his devotion to instilling confidence in his kids, and creating the freedom to make their own choices (and their own mistakes!). He also revisits times when he was a very busy corporate guy, and how with the benefit of hindsight, he views the perpetual challenge of balancing work and life.

And Russ also finishes with a big long list. It’s a bit like his version of (Everybody’s Free) to Wear Sunscreen, but on the way he parents. Maybe we can put it to music one day! His final point is perhaps his best. We teach our kids how to love - so make sure you do it right!

With wife Kate, Russ is a parent to 3 adult children. Other than on occasion Shunning Hamish - Russ is best known as a longtime panellist on Gruen (and previously Gruen Transfer), and he is co-host of Melbourne’s top rating breakfast radio show, Ross and Russ on 3AW. He’s had a long and successful career as a business leader, is the author of 3 books, and is the chair of the Australian Film Television and Radio School and of the Jim Stynes Foundation. Go Russ!


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