How Ben Lee Dads
How Other Dads Dad with Hamish BlakeDecember 22, 2022x
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How Ben Lee Dads

Creativity and dadding combine in a fascinating chat with prolific singer songwriter, Ben Lee. 

After a chance meeting between Hame and Ben, where the chat quickly turned to their kids, Hame had the good sense to ask Ben if he’d like to slightly formalise the conversation and record it. And thanks to Ben’s generosity, we’ve got Episode 10 as a result!

From his search for a different kind of life and love with wife Ione, to taking on the responsibility of a stepdaughter and his early missteps - Ben talks openly and passionately about his dadding style and journey. The fellas swap notes on fostering creativity in kids, but also creativity in general and how to, as Ben says, “make beautiful mistakes”.

Ben’s honesty definitely opens up a whole bunch of news ideas and questions that we haven't really covered in the show thus far, and we are of course super thankful that he took the time to sit down and chat with Hame.

Info on Ben and his new album I’m Fun is HERE

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