How Christian O'Connell Dads
How Other Dads Dad with Hamish BlakeSeptember 14, 2023x
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How Christian O'Connell Dads

An old friend of Hame, and according to his daughters an old dad, Christian O’Connell is a bona fide legend of radio broadcasting. And really, he’s not even old!

In this super funny, yet super heartfelt episode, Christian uses all 19 years of his dadding experience to distil down for us some really amazing insights and advice. He’s thought about this dadding caper a lot, so from explaining his mantra of “no small moments”, to advice on how to negotiate with teenagers, Christian has put his formidable gift for communication to wonderful use for us in this episode. So sit down (or keep washing the dishes), start a new note, and jot down a few of Christian’s pearlers. We sure did!

Christian, (aided wonderfully by our good friend Jack Post) hosts the incredibly successful breakfast slot on Melbourne’s GOLD FM, which then goes out nationally in the evenings. But he’s actually pretty new to Australia, having only moved here in 2018. Before that he was one of the UK’s most successful and celebrated radio presenters, with top rating shows on Absolute Radio, Virgin Radio and XFM.

Christian has also spoken very openly about his battles with anxiety and panic attacks which precipitated his move to Australia in his book No One Listens To Your Dad’s Show. He’s also got a great podcast called Stuff of Legends, and you can find his chat with Hame HERE.

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