How Dave Hughes Dads
How Other Dads Dad with Hamish BlakeDecember 08, 2022x
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How Dave Hughes Dads

A legend of Australian comedy, Hughesy is used to dealing with a tough crowd at times. But it seems his three kids provide the best heckles!

Hamish was backstage at Rove many years ago when Hughesy and his wife Holly brought their very fresh newborn baby in, and it all seemed very grown up…especially for Hughesy! Since then, Dave has had two more kids, and away from the microphone Hamish has had the great pleasure of chatting with Hughesy about his very thoughtful and highly empathetic approach to dadding.

In this very funny, yet simultaneously wisdom-filled episode, Hughesy talks to Hame about some core beliefs that he is really trying to instil in his kids (and how they just tell him to shut up!). Dave talks about managing his very precious ego (which again, his kids rip into) and he also divulges a habit he definitely does not want his kids to pick up.

As always, Hughesy is honest and hilarious, but you’ll also hear that he is really attuned to his kids' needs, and we are super grateful that he was willing to share his dadding wisdom with us.

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