How Hugh van Cuylenburg Dads
How Other Dads Dad with Hamish BlakeNovember 10, 2022x
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How Hugh van Cuylenburg Dads

As founder of The Resilience Project, a program that reaches 500,000 kids around Australia every year, Hugh van Cuylenburg has been talking to parents for ages. However, he’s the first to admit being a parent is a whole different story! In this episode, Hugh shares with Hame some bloody funny stories, but also some really raw reflections on Dadding. Hugh’s honesty is one of a kind, and it led to a chat with Hame that we are sure will leave many listeners nodding in silent appreciation of a shared experience. There is also some much deserved praise of Bluey!

Hugh began his career as a school teacher and quickly became focused on improving the wellbeing of his students, eventually leading him to start The Resilience Project. In the early days this was little more than him driving all over the country delivering his message of Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness to whatever school would take him. But Hugh’s unrivalled passion for his subject matter, matched with his highly personal approach to storytelling has now led to his talks selling out the Sydney Opera House. I guess what we are saying is… he’s really good. He also co-hosts an excellent podcast called The Imperfects with his brother Josh and our good friend Ryan Shelton, which on the off chance you have not listened to, we highly recommend. It’s great. They are great.

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