How Joe Brumm Dads
How Other Dads Dad with Hamish BlakeAugust 24, 2023x
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How Joe Brumm Dads

Season 2 kicks off with our top requested guest, Joe Brumm, creator of the global smash show Bluey & perhaps Australia’s favourite dad, Bandit Healer. More importantly, he’s also father to two children in real life.

Whether your kids are young, or now approaching adulthood themselves, the themes of Bluey are universal and timeless to us all, and Joe has managed to capture the experiences of parenting young children in a most beautiful, funny, and insightful way. But you won’t hear Joe saying he has all the answers… Far from it! Bluey might be brilliant, but Joe lets Hamish in on a little secret. He’s just working it out on the fly like all of us!

Joe and Hamish discuss the responsibility and daily challenge that comes with being a role model for your kids. Joe shares some amazing insights into the theory of play, why it's important developmentally and some great hacks to help parents get into it. And Joe tells Hame about his own father’s Gold Standard Dadding – and let’s just say that things were done a bit differently in outback Queensland in the ‘80s!

Thanks so much to Joe. For sharing his wisdom with us, and if you are a parent of young kids like us, for literally providing hundreds, maybe thousands of hours of quality babysitting via Bluey.

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