How Maggie Dent Helps Dads Dad
How Other Dads Dad with Hamish BlakeOctober 12, 2023x
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How Maggie Dent Helps Dads Dad

Hold on, it’s another Wild Rule Breaking Episode, this time with an EXPERT MUM! The legendary Maggie Dent, one of Australia's most trusted voices on raising kids and helping families.

Last season, Hamish made some bold statements about not having experts on this pod, unless it’s ones he really likes, like Maggie Dent for example. Well, blow me down… Maggie got in touch and said she’d love to have a chat (and a weak almond cap with one). 

So, we feel very lucky to bring you some practical advice and words of wisdom from a mother of 4 sons, author of heaps of books, and someone who has spent years talking to parents about how a common sense approach can strengthen a family and help raise happy, healthy kids.

Maggie hosts one of the very best parenting podcasts, Parental as Anything and has got a brand new one called The Good Enough Dad (Hames pops up in an episode). She’s also got a fantastic treasure trove of resources available at her website - We encourage you to have a look, there is some really helpful stuff for common issues.

Big thanks to Maggie for making the time to chat and distil down her many years of research and wisdom.


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