How Mark Donaldson Dads
How Other Dads Dad with Hamish BlakeDecember 29, 2022x
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How Mark Donaldson Dads

Decorated soldier, Mark Donaldson VC kindly joins Hame on the HODD couch to share tales from his dadding journey so far.

Mark shares his experience of trying to be available to his kids and playing and existing in their world, even if he’d just returned from a deployment. The guys discuss the idea that all kids have “their version of trying” and the challenges of not projecting our own standards onto them (that we have probably only come to appreciate and understand in adulthood!). They finish off by discussing the power of adventure in creating memories and the benefit of getting kids into nature to build resilience and problem solving skills.

Mark is a man that probably subscribes to the mantra “Deeds, Not Words” and is never one to blow his own bugle. But as Australia’s first Victoria Cross recipient for over 40 years, he found himself in a unique position of notoriety and influence. If you don’t know much about Mark, Hame does a lightning fast bio in the intro, quickly touching on his military record and also that he lost both his own parents at a young age.

Big thanks to Dono for sharing his stories with us and opening up about some really personal stuff.

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