How Max Gawn Dads
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How Max Gawn Dads

Fresh off winning the AFL Grand final in 2021, Max Gawn hit the jackpot again three weeks later with the birth of his first child.

Captain of the Melbourne Football Club, five time All Australian Ruckman, and all round good guy, Max first became friends with Hame because they liked riding bikes up big hills. Now they share stories about their other passion… not the Melbourne Football Club (this time), but their kids.

When we recorded this episode, Max’s son was still only 7 months old, so he was super new to the whole dadding thing. But his insights are great, and it’s clear the same dedication and thoughtfulness that has taken him to sporting greatness is now being applied to his dadding.

In this episode, Max and Hame talk about the ongoing challenge of remaining present with your kids, how modern parenting fits with a career in the AFL and what gold standard dadding looks like to Max. Hame also has a bit of a laugh at the fact Max still thought he had a say about what goes on in his life, and that he could keep going to Oktoberfest. How cute.

Max doesn’t need much of a bio. He’s one of the AFL’s brightest stars. He captained Melbourne to their first premiership in 57 years, and has led his resurgent side with a humility and humour that sets him apart in the elite sporting world.

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