How Nazeem Hussain Dads
How Other Dads Dad with Hamish BlakeNovember 24, 2022x
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How Nazeem Hussain Dads

Nazeem Hussain is stand-up royalty in Australia and a perennial headliner of festivals at home and abroad. But perhaps his biggest gig is being a dad to two young kids.

Naz and Hame laugh a lot in this episode, but Naz also generously shares stories from his childhood, which largely saw him and his sister raised solo by their Mum. He talks about seeking out father figures as a kid, and now as a father himself, the search for dadding wisdom continues (which mostly consists of him reading just the first few pages of tons of parenting books!)

Naz is a guy that obviously takes his dadding gig really seriously, thinks deeply about how to nail it everyday, and peppers Hame with some great questions of his own. The guys swap tips on how to safely throw a kid in the air, lament the sheer panic of being poorly judged if your kid acts up in the playground, and debate the Newtonian aspects of gravity as a metaphor for constant inescapable love. Of course.

Naz has created, written and starred in hit TV shows like Orange is the New Brown and Legally Brown, hosts a bunch of great podcasts, most recently The Pineapple Project, has a stand-up special on Netflix, has a released a brand new kids book and regularly pops up as a guest on pretty much every funny TV show in Australia. He’s also just a really great guy, and we massively appreciate him sharing his dadding stories with us.

Show Note: To cure Hame’s super sloppy hearsay plug for Naz’s latest special, HERE is a link to it - it’s on youtube and it’s free!

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