How Pat Cummins Dads
How Other Dads Dad with Hamish BlakeDecember 15, 2022x
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How Pat Cummins Dads

Australian Test Cricket Captain, Pat Cummins was rated the world's best bowler in March 2022. But at the very same time, he was a brand new parent trying to figure out how this dadding thing works.

Pat very kindly sat down with Hame to chat about his first year of being a dad. The pain of extended time apart from family, the challenge of making time count when he is at home and the inspiration that his own parents give him (even if they did forget his little sister at soccer practise once - but he is one of 5 kids, so cut ’em some slack we say).

The guys also chat about the benefit of diabolically long & boring road trips, and how David Warner has shown Pat how to show up for your kids even in the middle of a test match. Hamish also shows his age by having to explain to Pat what the film Two Hands is about, and why he can’t leave his phone on the beach while he swims.

Pat’s dadding journey may have just started, but there are great take-aways for everyone in this chat, and we are of course super grateful that he took the time to share his dadding hopes and dreams with Hame.

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