How Sam Wood Dads
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How Sam Wood Dads

Health and fitness industry expert and entrepreneur Sam Wood has a beautifully honest chat with Hame about his dadding journey.

From what’s like to begin your dadding with a 9 year old step daughter, to then only eight short years later having 4 daughters, Sam shares with Hame the struggles he’s had learning on the job with a teenager, how he tries to instil adventurousness and positivity into his kids each day and how the death of his mother when he was a teenager completely reframed the relationship with his own father. Sam also recounts how the birth of their 4th daughter was not straightforward and how the resulting lengthy hospital stay affected him and the family.

Sam speaks openly, honestly and without pretence, and his positivity makes him a joy to listen to. If you only think of Sam as an ex Bachelor contestant, prepare to have your perceptions changed. He’s a man committed to being a better dad, but knows only too well it takes work and it’s not easy!

Big thanks to Sam for taking the time to chat. You can find his podcast, The Wood Life, helping people live a happier, healthier life here on Apple or on Spotify.


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