How Scott Cam Dads
How Other Dads Dad with Hamish BlakeSeptember 28, 2023x
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How Scott Cam Dads

We all know Scott Cam from The Block, but a few years ago, some words of wisdom from Scott Cam The Dad provided Hamish with some of the inspiration to create this pod. So, we advise you to Tools Down and listen in to a dad that takes his fathering trade really seriously… especially if it involves being a bit silly. And even more so if it means blowing off school!

Scott is of course the much-loved host of The Block, but he’s still a carpenter at heart. (Hame once borrowed Scott’s chisel set and WASHED THEM!! - Scott was beyond mortified). As a dad to three adult kids, Scott has got a tonne of hard-earned wisdom to pass on, and while he describes himself as an ‘old school’ dad - to us he sounds like a big softy that just expects his kids to be good people above all else. Hame loved this chat with Scott, and in it we get to hear a side of Scott that reveals a man who really, deeply loves his family and has some strong opinions on what helps a family stay close, loving and “good people”. Even without a bathroom reveal, it’s a great listen!

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