How Stan Grant Dads
How Other Dads Dad with Hamish BlakeNovember 03, 2022x
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How Stan Grant Dads

Proud Wiradjuri man, father of 4 and icon of Australian journalism, Stan Grant goes deep with Hame in this episode with his philosophies on Dadding. He shares brutal stories about the Australia that his father was forced to endure, and for which he was preparing Stan to live in. He describes the pain of a relationship ending and how protecting the children was central. And as a dad to now older children, he reminds Hame that this thing called parenting goes by so, so, so fast and to treasure it, because you don’t get another shot!

Stan Grant is a celebrated journalist, commentator and community elder. From advising on Australian strategic defence policy, to powerfully advocating for First Nations rights or his hosting duties on Q&A, Stan is constantly expanding the conversation. He’s published more books that some of us have read, and he’ll forget more stuff than Hamish will probably ever know. Basically he is super smart. But more than that, he is super passionate, and as you’ll hear, his approach to Dadding is no exception - it’s something he cares deeply about and we really appreciate his generosity in sharing some of his wisdom with us.

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