How Tim Minchin Dads
How Other Dads Dad with Hamish BlakeSeptember 07, 2023x
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How Tim Minchin Dads

Tim Minchin has created the most amazing, diverse and groundbreaking body of work. Significant to this episode is that he also co-created 2 kids with his wife, Sarah.

Tim was extremely generous to sit down with Hame and share some of his 17 years or so of dadding experiences and learnings. He explains how he tries to shepherd his kids rather than control them, his family's experience with neurodiversity and ASD, and how he applies reason, logic and in his words “anti-drama” to his dadding.

Tim is a real clever clogs and thinks deeply about, well… everything. And he is super honest. It makes for a chat that is both wisdom filled and thought provoking. But underpinning it all for Tim is the fervent belief that if your kids know unequivocally that you love them for who they are, you’re doing a lot right.

If you've been hiding under a rock for the last 20 years, Tim is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, composer, comedian, actor, musician, writer, author, performer, thinker and producer. We’d use the word polymath, but we don’t really understand what it means. He’s sold out shows all over the world, he’s appeared in film, television and theatre, winning heaps of awards along the way. He’s even won a bloody LOGIE! And his fine work is heard weekly in our households currently, because he wrote the music and lyrics for the phenomenally great and funny Matilda the Musical. 

Tim has a tour happening in Australia beginning in October 2023 - and there are still tickets available!! He didn’t even tell us about this… and he hardly needs a plug, but you can find all his gig details at

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