Wild Rule Breaking Season Finale with Dr Billy Garvey
How Other Dads Dad with Hamish BlakeJanuary 05, 2023x
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Wild Rule Breaking Season Finale with Dr Billy Garvey

In a double rule breaking season finale, Hamish goes over his 1 hour & 3 minute episode time limit AND talks to an expert! Our special guest is Dr Billy Garvey, a Behavioural Paediatrician at the Royal Children’s Hospital (Melbourne) and leading expert on childhood development. (And he’s also a dad).

As a wonderful surprise to us, it turns out Dr. Billy has listened to some of the podcast (which made Hamish blush) and upon Hames getting in touch with Billy, he told us something really interesting… that heaps of stuff our guest dads were stumbling across or bringing up anecdotally, actually had some scientific evidence behind it.

So we thought it might be really great to revisit some excerpts from previous episodes where our dads have dropped nuggets of gold and get Billy to explain the literal neuroscience behind it, describe why it’s great for our kids and help us all understand how small actions from us as parents can have outsized effects on our kids, now and for the rest of their lives. That’s worth going over an hour for, surely?!

Billy talks plainly and passionately about this subject and really, really knows his stuff. Although, as the father of an 18 month old, he is also the first to admit that he’s still learning some tough practical lessons everyday. We are so thankful to Billy for taking the time to listen to previous shows and sit down with Hame, and we think you’ll all agree what he chats about is both inspiring and practically very useful.

Billy has his very own podcast called Pop Culture Parenting which you can find HERE. Check it out, it’s great!

And that’s the season. Thanks for listening! The messages you have sent in have been inspiring, informative, heartbreaking and some are just plain hilarious. But the universal element is that everyone is trying to do better, by their own kids, by their parents, by their grandkids. And it seems, thanks to our guests, this show has perhaps inspired some small actions that might lead to this. So thanks for being part of the How Other Dads Dad community. We really appreciate it and will do our best to get another season out later this year sometime.

Big thanks also to Tom, Tey & Darce. And to all the Mums!

You can write to us at howotherdadsdad.com

Xx Hame and Tim.

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